Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tat #2 and Pigs Flying

First things first -

Of course there's a story.....

Darwin paraphrase - To contemplate the universe is like a dog contemplating the mind of Newton. The left side of the equation is typically called the Euler identity with the right side = 0. Actually Euler was not so obvious to let the angle = pi, and he let a lesser mind make the substitution years later. Newton co-developed calculus and therefore the derivative reference to the speed of light. If it is a constant, then it would be equal to 0, and all is well. But I don't think that is the case, so I added my imprint with the "not equal".

So far when people asked me if it's an energy thing, I say yes and that's my dog, Brady. They seem perfectly happy with that.

Brian thinks it's really cool. and Devon is thinking intervention. Just getting started. : )

I have been struggling with an Achilles strain due to over training. When will I learn to change gradually? With the Flying Pig 4 weeks away, Just back to 1 1/2 hour runs, not good. I'm not worried about rupture in the race, just endurance. So here are my goals for the race:
3:59:59     This is doable if my mind and Achilles hold up. approx 9 min/m
4:19:59     This is more realistic, but I'll take it if that is what it is. approx 10 min/m
4:30:00     Anything slower than this and I'll be disappointed.

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