Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Dogs Think About

My previous post suggested Brady (on right) contemplates Newton's mind.

Brady - I was thinking about how we are able to run and swim from an early age with all four legs working in a fluid motion.

Daisy - Yeah, we are evolved well beyond humans who appear to have no built in skills at all.

Brady - It makes you wonder how they have survived.

Daisy - Rabbits. Just saying. Odds are with them.

Brady - They spend a lot of time doing silly things for no apparent reason.
- they get wet and then dry off
- they put on clothes and then take them off
- they put stuff in drawers, closets , boxes and then get them out again

Daisy -  They must think those things will ensure their long term survival. Why else would they do them.  

Brady - Fortunately it is easy to train them. They readily understand our cues for need to eat, sleep, play and poop.

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