Saturday, December 24, 2011

Running on the Beach and 2012 Races

Ran on the beach this morning. The nice thing about long runs is it gives me time to let my mind wander. Something John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) said about five years ago popped in my head. He was working on quantum gravity or some other equally abstract area. He noted that it's generally accepted the older mathematicians and physicists rarely contribute new ideas. However, since he spent so many of his earier years in a delusional state he may still be able to offer new ideas in his advanced years. The lost years somehow delayed the onset of the lack of creative thought.

I've been thinking about how fast I can get at my age. I'm getting faster, but also getting older. My sports have always been "fast twitch" and almost no endurance except for training runs. So starting endurance sports at such a late age, I wonder if I can place in the top of a olympic duathon, marathon or my new venture, trail races.

So, if I can extraploate John Nash's theory (who am I to disagree with The Beautiful Mind), I have been relatively easy on my body through my "delusional years" with only minimal damage. So there should be no reason why I can not compete with the best age groupers. They may have been elite in their day (Bekenstein-black hole entropy, et al) but my lost years have let my body rest waiting for the 60-64 age group.

So this is either a brilliant realization or I'm just old and slow. We'll see......