Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bucket List

I don’t know if bucket list is generational, but sure pops up in conversations, real or virtual, in my small world. It sounds like a race to the finish line, whilst carrying cool stuff where everybody loses. I wonder if the goal should be to cross the finish line with an empty bucket. Maybe it's simply a list of things you want to be remembered by, like grandpa jumped out of a plane, and then he dies after getting kicked by a horse. Sorry grandpa, your legacy is that damned kick. (rip archibald whitman)

After thinking and searching I have decided the plan should be to make a list of stuff you think is important to be, do, or think about. Then give that list to everybody you know (like post on Facebook) and then die. God, I wonder if my Facebook account is deleted when I die, poop.

So my list, a work in progress is (in case I get kicked by a horse today), is:

·      The Earth is a speck, you are smaller than the speck, accept it and get over it.
·      You will be forgotten in one generation. People may know your name but not you. Get over that too.
·      Identify your dreams, mesh with reality, and live them.

Of course the only real “purpose” living things should have is to propagate the species. But that is so…..old school.

1:19 AM hmmmmm