Thursday, February 21, 2013

Costa Rica – Went for the adventure – Left with so much more

My “biggest” adventure, also on a bicycle, and 40 years ago, was riding with a good friend from Springfield to Toledo, Ohio. It sounds pretty tame, but I was proud to ride 170 miles or so in two days on a 5 speed tank and maybe $20 in my pocket. My life adventures since were controlled with the minimum of possible “gone wrongs”.
Signing up for this trip, (the first one to sign up) was really an attempt to “stop thinking” and “do”.  I did not think about the possible “what could happen(s)”, it was an adventure. I was not crazy however to see a Costa Rican spider, but looked forward to anything else that might happen.
Well, what happened was, riding more than I thought I could, seeing-hearing-smelling a beautiful country, going with the flow, but most importantly, sharing time with a wonderful group of new friends. I am truly inspired by the “life without limits” stories of everybody I met. The wide array of limits I have been placing on myself are in jeopardy.
So without further ado, here are some pictures. Without pictures, it did not happen J
costa rican days start at daybreak
Team Kathryn & Chrissie

Thank you fellow camper for this one. You're volcano was better than my volcano! 


thank you Kathryn

My shades match Chrissie's kit

I love this place

That's right, the peleton has arrived in town...




so, space and time are aspects of the same thing

what in the hell is he talking about

just humor him, old people can snap you know

this is not Ohio

take that toledo!