Saturday, December 15, 2012

Costa Rica Calls

Well, it’s been two months since my last story but sufficient stuff warrants a post. No running since Stone Steps due to plantar fasciitis in my left foot. A cortisone shot last week and continued icing/stretching may help get me back by Feb or so. The groin about ten years ago was tough but this one is not far off.
(Tip: when Achilles talks…listen)

To keep some level of fitness, I have been spending more time on the trainer. (fixed gear-kreitler rollers) Really boring, but with music and watching fox soccer, I can usually put in an hour or so. So, I’m checking up on my “twitter people” (I follow about 14, including one of my heros, Chrissie  but have no followers, haha, maybe if I actually posted something, someone in Russia would follow me), and I see this:
   ps - Kathryn is now #15. Read her book "As Good as Gold" which was great. Added her to my hero list! 

Hmmmm, what better way to stay fit (train hard to avoid embarrassment) before the Spring. So, I kick it around a bit, talk with Sue and sign up! Turns out, there will be about 20 “campers” and most likely a full range of ages and talents. I say this because I’m old and slow, and others are obviously young and bat shit fast. Both ends are covered : )

note: I don't really understand what"bat shit" means but like the way it sounds : )

The trip in in mid Feb and will be followed by what I hope is a very cool post. 

I'll be waiting for you

I do tricks for food

is this the volcano that erupted last year?

need to practice bunny hop and I have no idea