Saturday, February 25, 2012

Train your Brain, then your Body

There is and may not ever have been an athlete with the combination of mental toughness and physical ability of Chrissie Wellington. You just know that behind that smile is something very special. Here is a glimpse:

  • Have a mantra and/or a special song to repeat
  • Keep a bank of positive mental images
  • Practice visualization beforehand
  • Break the race up into smaller, more manageable segments
  • Remember that training is about learning to hurt
  • Get people to support you
  • Mentally recall inspirational people
  • Consider racing for a cause that is bigger than yourself

her new book - a life without limits

I read her book and it was a very honest, insightful glimpse into the mind of an adventurous, smart and caring person who just happens to be a four times world champion.

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