Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Run to work day

The thought struck me, if I commute to work running (9+ each way) then getting 50 miles/week in becomes a piece of cake. I commuted by bike for a while, so running will just take a bit longer. So today I got up earlier, and gave it a try. Left in the dark, 35F, headlight and backpack at 5:45. I really enjoyed the run, but I was fresh and there is a 350 foot drop in elevation from home to work.

The trip home was a different story. I hit a wall with about 2 miles to go, but the beauty of commuting is you have no reasonable options but to run (or walk) home. I walked a bit to gather myself then managed to finish running.

Sue took this as I made my way down the home stretch. It was getting dark, so I put the light back on.

A few days to recover, and maybe next week .....

After all, if I commute 2 days/week, that's almost 40 miles =  wooo  wooo


Craig C said...

Awesome! My commute to work is only 2 miles so it wouldn't be as impressive. Good Job

dculv11 said...

Great job!
You never cease to challenge yourself. What's next?! Oh yes.... the Flying Pig. Oink!

B-Snyds said...

damn! really impressive!