Sunday, June 30, 2013

My First Ultra x 2/3

Rather than detail boring race stuff (pace, cramps, falls, bla..bla..bla) I want to share my first Ultra experience though pictures thanks to the club who sponsors the Dawg Gone Long Run 50 Mile Trail Race.
ok, everybody ready, have fun (ie, go)

Pretty morning (I'm under the sign)
Weather still pretty, just like the trails
3 is my lucky number!
yep, Huarache sandals, ran with Randy for 20+ miles
the winner, first ultra, won by 1 hour plus
number 33 really should be back by now
Well I did finally show up, and dropped after lap 2 of 3, or about 34 miles.   All things considered, a great experience, running, learning, and making new friends.
late rain, mud, and of course, a fall :)

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