Thursday, June 20, 2013

French Park Deux

I had decided not to write about this race since it was relatively uneventful compared to most. No falls, a minute slower than last year (mud/rain), and no awards. I suppose when I reach 80, they may give me one for showing up, but I'll decline.

But this time the RD enlisted a professional photographer, who posted some cool pics so I decided to tell my PR story, with pictures.
These guys were there but did not watch the runners
Since I got the Suunto Ambit a month ago, I have been wearing the heart rate monitor, primarily to learn where I train. The side benefit is I can see where my rate is during a race and check my effort after the fact. Until this race, here is a summary:
long runs (bike trail) - 130-140
training trail runs (rolling hills)  - 130-150
various 5K and 10K trail races  - 150-160 ave and a max of 165 to 170 (my estimated max which I've seen just once)

So imagine my surprise when I saw an ave of 166 and 80% of the race over 170. The max was 175 at a few places including the finish stretch. Have I been slacking? Not today, I was all out on the last 100M uphill to the finish at a 4:52 pace and there was nothing left. 
East my Dust :)
 So screw my middle of the pack time, I set a new PR of 175! I don't know what to make of it though, is it good, bad, or doesn't matter a lick. I guess the line, "whatever does not kill you will make you stronger" will apply. So I can apparently tolerate more suffering and get faster, or apply for a Guinness record for the highest HR of a 60 year old not counting tachycardia.

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dculv11 said...

Wow! What a finish!! You've got new limits.