Saturday, July 14, 2012

A departure from biking, running, and tattoos

A departure from biking, running, and tattoos. I offer a compilation of random thoughts, quotes and observations. I’ve added a few pictures as well. Sometimes it’s nice to see pictures on the menu even if they do not resemble the thing you order.

It seems to me there is an interesting relationship between politics, religion, and big time wrestling. 
o   People follow them as if they were real. No offense intended and understood it can be difficult when you just want to believe. Just remember there are those who may benefit from that need to believe. 
o   People watch them with a passing interest and occasionally get caught up in the excitement. That head lock looked like it really hurt. I’ll vote for them because they really care about me.
o   People see them as pandering to the least common denominator. Tell them what they “want to” / “need to” hear.
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 The greatest mystery is not that we have been flung at random between the earth and the galaxy of the stars, but that in this prison we can fashion images of ourselves sufficiently powerful to deny our nothingness. 
                                             Andre Mairaux

Where do you draw the line

Humans require lines to be drawn to establish where they stand, over here or over there. This must be a human trait as animal and plant life just value physical attributes that simply promote their species. So why do humans feel the need or compulsion to establish a line for everything and literally put their life on some.

There is a puzzle in mathematics that attempts to establish the length of a coastline. From the mountains, the line is well defined, the water on one side, the land on the other. On closer review, the measured distance is longer as it winds its way around rocks, inlets, and other irregularities. With still closer review, the path follows each grain of sand and the length seems infinite. Then following this thought process to the natural conclusion, where a minimum length is encountered, and the concept of length really has no meaning.

It would appear the lines we live our lives by are just as ambiguous as the coastline, depending on how closely we look. From a distant view, you see a distinct line, it’s in the water or out. Only when you look very closely you may decide the lines are illusions and exist only as a convenience.

The various lines people choose to live their lives by are learned; we are not born with them. Perhaps they are evolved boundaries that protect us from the unknown, and are viewed as necessary for survival in society.

Humans also have the ability to dream without boundaries, discovering the patterns of the universe, creating music and artwork. If we view the various lines as artificial and necessary only to keep order in society, our minds may be freed to explore the beauty of the nooks and crannies of our world.

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Mary said...

Love the post "thoughts on driving to work, Steve. Sad to hear about the dangers of Mt. Airy......

Mary said...

Enjoyed your post, "thoughts on driving to work.!

Steve said...

Thank you very much, that's high praise coming from you!