Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Commuting - Live and Let Die

As part of my plan to increase my bike fitness and speed, I have been commuting every day for 3-4 weeks now. (rainy days excepted) I thought I would share my thoughts and observations. 

There is an optimum time window for minimum traffic and avoiding angry drivers. Biking at 3 am not necessary, but need to avoid the "rush to get to work at 8 and get home after 5 people". The "get to work early and the leave early people" are gentle and kind souls.

UPS drivers are great, and FedEx drivers are nuts.

Texting soccer moms/kids, drunks are not on the road in my time window, just coffee powered, going to work people.

Still, an occasional a jerk appears on the commute home. This week alone I was buzzed by a guy on a motorcycle with his 5 year old daughter on the back, a mini cooper with a bike rack, an old person in a Japanese luxury car. These are sleepers, the unstable people who can snap at any time.  

The game is to see how fast I can make the short 9 mile commute. 20 mph ave in and 18 mph home are currently fast trips for me. How in the world can competitive riders average 24+, and almost 30 mph for pros. 

Whoever designs a bike helmet that is not dorky, will make a fortune. The current lot does not even give me confidence it will save my life but rather shift off my head with the littlest of bumps. I think the skate board people have the best idea and I may just switch.
update: Did a training ride with a skate board helmet, Protec, and my head overheated and I got sick. Bad idea, especially on 90+F days.

I just received my custom tee shirt this week:

 Here lies a comedian with a dorky helmet.

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