Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cincinnati Nature Center - CNC

A few recent events led me to this really cool place. Having lived probably 20 minutes from the place, it was under our radar. If I was exposed to the name, I probably associated it with bird watchers or children's programs. It does fit that bill, but much more.

Event One:
I was at our family doctor last week getting my hand stitches removed. (see White Tail race pictures if you dare).
We normally "talk running" as he runs as well, knees permitting. I mentioned that I run at Mt. Airy and he gave me that "don't your know that place is a bit sketchy" look. That is the normal response due to the reputation being surrounded by the hood. He asked me if I knew of the CNC and how it is a gem for running and quite a bit safer.

Event Two:
As is turns out, I ran at Mt. Airy that same night after work.  After a great long loop (5.3m), skipping Stone Steps but running up Gummy Bear Hill, I stopped back at the car (actually Honda Element aka toaster on wheels) a to get a water refill in by bottle. Glass everywhere as a local thought my visible backpack contained drugs or the queens jewels. Poop, to my dismay they got my green Patagonia as well as shoes and jeans. I hope they do not fit them or if they do, their peeps with thrash them for looking trendy. This is the second time this year I was robbed there, and probably related to the absence of any police (park or city) presence. 

I got the message, run Mount Airy at races, but not training runs or risk theft or worse. A real shame as the trails are great. I especially worry about the girl runners, single or in pairs. I am now on a mission to elevate awareness of the current risks as well as increase the presence of the police. The bad guys have pissed me off, and they will need to move on. I digress...

On to the CNC and my first experience yesterday. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Can't get lost here.
Forget getting lost or even using a map except for getting to your trail (many to choose from). When you want to leave, just follow the Parking arrow.

The trails are listed as Easy, Moderate, and Difficult. There are over 25 miles if trail. I ran the Red (difficult) one and it was actually groomed and lacked rocks and roots for the most part. It was hilly though and provided a great workout.

Typical trail, pretty

Get the idea?

Sue and I are taking the pups there today and maybe we will spot a few yellow spotted warblers on our walk.


dculv11 said...

Love your new running spot! So pretty :) Good find, Doc!

Nancy Hunnicutt said...

There is nothing better than Steven Snyder, a fast running man.
He so loves his sport; his passion's legendary - the miles keep him trim but certainly not hairy!
Running takes time, along with much sacrifice, And I'm sure Steve looks forward to packing his knees with ice!
He pounds through those trails braving gravel and mud, And though he's quite agile he does fall with a thud!
Those young guys can't keep pace;from Steve they all fade away, so to vibrant fun Steve keep running and have a helluva Birthday! XOXO Nancy H.

A Gerwin said...

You're an inspiration at any age, Steve. Have a great birthday.

Nora said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a great birthday!

Nancy Hunnicutt said...

Your hand injury was quite gnarly! EEEUCK! I was only kidding when I said you fell with a thud, but evidently there was some truth to that! Hope you enjoyed my stupid poem and that you keep on rockin' & running! Many more happy returns of the birthdays!

Steve said...

thank you all for your comments! Great poem Nancy, who knew legendary and hairy would rhyme : )

Nancy Hunnicutt said...

Hahahaa! The only other things I could come up with was Larry, Mary, and dairy. Dairy?!? WTF? Love your pix and dialogue!