Monday, May 7, 2012

Flying Pig has Landed

        finished in 3:59:59

✓  finished without walking

        trained for distance

✓ under estimated distance

✓ had fun

My experienced marathon advisors told me to forget setting a goal time but focus on having fun, finishing the thing, and not getting injured. Although not by design, as it turns out, this is exactly what I did.

I found a pace where I felt good and after 3-4 miles I saw my average was 9:45. Oh well, the 3:59:59 would not happen today. Little did I know, 4:59:59 would not happen either. (5:08)

So I decided to enjoy the experience and take it all in. A few observations from the 1st half of the race:
  • It's not fair that a race walker can pass me on an uphill. 
  • All girls with red hair have tattoos.
  • I was excited to see my family (sue-devon-craig-brian) in Hyde Park at mile 10 or so. 
  • Cruising
  • Putting those chew type gels in a small pocket is not a good idea. They merged into a gooey clump from my body heat.
  • 1st half 2:18    

I had slightly different observations in the 2nd half.
  • "Long" training runs of 12 miles may be fine for a half, but not a full.
  • Why are girls in pink tutus and old guys passing me so easily?
  • It is possible to pee and run at the same time.
  • It is possible to "run" at a pace slower than walking.
  • It was great to see the family at the finish line!
So, I'll do it again next year, and I'm thinking 3:59:59
somewhere pretty

where's the tattoo

I'm going to win the whole thing

4 Miles Left - ow   



1 comment:

dculv11 said...

I think you might be onto something with this red hair/tattoo correlation.

I don't know many people that 1 day after a marathon would be planning their next.

Great job! What an accomplishment.