Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Bad to the Bone Duathlon

Still pumped from the race, so I thought I would share some things before my memory distorts.
The feeling of this event was laid back and I really liked the atmosphere. I'm guessing it is closer to a trail event than a typical tri. No security in transition, very loose, and a small group competing, maybe 200-250, not sure.

At the pre-race meeting the event organizer (who sounded like Jeff Foxworthy) tolds a few jokes, warned about the downhills on the run and bike, and then said, 'is everybody ready to go?". No joke, there was no warning, he just said "go". The past competitiors know, but the new ones started sheding clothes on the spot. I just threw a sweat shirt as it was about 48F.

The first run was fast for me and a lot of fun. I had guessed a 45 min, but noticed 33 min.on the start/finish clock as I entered transition.  I only turned my ankle twice with no damage. The course did not look like the elevation chart at all. There is a very steep climb in gravel near the start, and various up and down sections, but overall very pretty and great fun. Some single track, but places to pass and be passed. More walking than hiking trail and very pretty, even saw a few pastures with cows. Crossed a few streams, with steep banks. The only section that was really difficult (and a bit dangerous) was a steep downhill with large rocks (4" to 10") but they were covered with leaves. I fell here on the second run.  No blood.

Mayor Lucy Lou
The bike also did not look like the elevation chart. Pretty ride, but I did not train enough longer distances. Typically ride 13 miles all out, but that did not prepare me. Dropped the chain in Rabbit Hash, and no sign of the mayor (a real dog).
I stood on a hill at mile 24 and both quads locked. So, took it easy the last few miles. Had a lot of fun on the downhills, the 2nd one was 46mph and I switched from aero bars to the drops when I saw the sweeper at the bottom. (chicken)
A few killer climbs

When I started the second run, my quads locked but "good". I alternated from walk to run, (could not bend knees) so I looked like Frankenstein. Then I got to the steep climb and it was very difficult to just get up, almost walking sideways. A volunteer on the course said "bless your heart" like I should have been in a nursing home getting my own tray for the first time. Fortunately going down, loosened the quads a bit and I was able to start running. More distance biking will fix this next year. It will be interesting to see the 2nd run time, but I'm guessing 50+ min.
About 1/4 mile from the finish I hear a guy behind me coming and he said, "we will be under 3 hours" so I thought, I'll just stay with him and I'll break 3 hours. Then when he went by, I noticed he might have been in my age group. So with 100 yards to go, I sprinted and he could not respond so that may have been the "race" for a podium, not sure. If I was a true competitor I would have been pumped, but I felt sorry for him, being nice to talk to me and I then passed him.
finish line
They have not posted the results on-line yet, but I got 2nd and a plaque at the awards part. There could have been 2 or 10 people in my age group, I won't know still results posted. 

Sue surprised me and walked into the shelter where I was sitting. She arrived at the race minutes after I finished. She started to wonder if I was hurt somewhere as she started to see the slower people (relative) finish, thinking I think steve is faster than that one. The cool thing at the awards part, was the various winners had no idea where they finished (except the first ones) so they were truly surprised to hear their names called out. It was in a shelter house and everybody sitting on picnic tables and still drinking and eating. Cool to watch their faces and see them walk up to get their plaques. Sue and I were listening if I would be called, and it was cool to hear my name. The 1st run apparently offset the 2nd, and the bike was fast enough. (unless there were only 2 in my age group)

(turns out there were 5 in my age group)
I'll be back next year,
more bike and run fit !

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