Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunburst more Fun than Fast

The Sunburst is really a chance for Sue and I to visit Devon, Craig, Wes Val and Cydney as well as see Brian and Alexis who drove over from Michigan State. With Lexi and our pups, it’s a full crew and a lot of fun. The race is really secondary, and I had not trained at anything close to 8 min miles but still expected to beat last years 50:42 for the 10K. I have improved in every race I’ve done so far and with 2-3 times the training miles compared to last year, I hoped for under 50 min.  
Dev and I rocking the socks
I downloaded an app for my new Ambit2 which simply showed in seconds if I was ahead of 50 min or negative min if behind. I was “up” 25 sec or so for the first half but “went negative” in the last few miles. (53:08) I still can’t decide if my body or mind was the problem, but I thought I ran as hard as I could. I finished the last hundred yards at a 5:05 pace and still did not throw up on the Notre Dame field. I did however throw up the entire next night at home with the flu. No flu excuse though as I ate like a pig the morning after the race.
Not even a mid foot strike, poop

So back to my long trail runs at 11-13 pace in prep for my 50K this Fall. But damn it, I’ll be under 50 min next year.

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  1. Had such a wonderful time! This is a very fun family race. Yes, you'll beat 50 minutes next year. But remember you've been training for distance, not speed!