Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad To The Bone

The race was forced to change the name to Big Bone Lick - Can You Lick It (no kidding) this year because our legal system tells us we can claim exclusive rights to words. I would rather have t shirt rights to Big Bone Lick, sounds like a cult goldmine to me. I'm not sure I have the nerve to wear my t shirt though. But runners will continue to call it by it's rightful name as it should be.

A beautiful day for a race, 50F at start and sunny. Only 100 or so people raced which seems low for such a cool and well run race. But like last year, the people were relaxed, friendly and understood why we were there. The trail course was well marked, groomed and the road course well marked with police at intersections.

I started with the front group and by the time we reached the woods, I was in a good position. Few passed me on the trail, and I ended up with a 31:38 split, about 1.5 min faster than last year. So far so good.

On to the bike. Same old story, not sufficiently bike fit, blah, blah, blah. Calfs started warning me after the first major climb at 5 miles. 
Top of first Evil Twin
My reward was a PR for speed with a 48 mph decent. No oncoming cars at the bottom, so full lane apex for the left then right turns. wheee! Passed 3 people (safely!) like they were standing still.

Muscles did not lock up on the bike, but the calfs continued to threaten when the cadence was over 85 or so.

Shaved about 4 min off of last years bike and only 4 or so passed me. The race leaders were already in front of me before the bike. Their bike splits were 10 + min faster than mine.

Like last year, my 2nd run was dreadful. The bike caused major distress with calfs, quads and even hamstrings, but nothing fully locked up. So slow, but still 1.5 min faster than last year.

I finished about 6 minutes faster than last year, so I thought I may get a 1st or 2nd place award. (2nd last year) I was walking my bike back to the car (pre award ceremony) when I heard "hey snyder". It was Sue who once again surprised me which was great! Sue will once again see me get my award. (not)

Two fast old farts (both 55) had apparently decided to show up today and I was a full 22 min behind them. Their splits were almost identical as were their final times. Apparently friends who ended up racing to the finish line.   kids  : )

Where's the award?

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